01 June 2009

Last Chance Stamp Sets

It's June! which apparently means that some of the stamp sets from the current catalogue are going to be retired (can't order them ever again), and I've looked at my wish list, and there are 27 stamp sets that are "Last Chance" sets. After much sweat and tears, I have cut down my list to an amount that perhaps I can get Jeff to live with: 4 sets . *whimper*

Here are the sets I am going to buy (with Jeff's blessing, of course):

Classic Stripes - $20.95

Hugs & Wishes - $22.95
Seaside - $30.95
Zoofari - $26.95

So, wish me luck in convincing Jeff to let me buy these sets! He seems to be under the impression that I have enough "stuff", and shouldn't need to buy any more for a long time (a.k.a. a year or so), and all of you know that it's just not possible to go that long without ordering more! So I am off to attempt the near-impossible...

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