21 May 2009

Ladybugs Galore

One of my closest friends, Heather, loves ladybugs. Her daughter Emma is dressed in ladybugs quite often, her coasters are ladybugs, her fridge magnets are ladybugs, her tattoo is a ladybug... you catch my drift. So for her birthday (which isn't until September), I decided to make her a ladybug card.

Now I don't have a template for this card, since I don't have a circle scissor or anything like that. So I simply used round objects that looked about the proper size. Here it is:

The wings are not attached initially, I used brads to attach them to the body so the wings would 'open and close'. I used Black Embossing powder for the caption. I'm thinking about adding some eyes, but I haven't given too much thought to that. I hope I can wait until September before showing her!

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